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China - Singapore double-clear dedicated line for sea and air bulk cargo LCL

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China - Singapore double-clear dedicated line for sea and air bulk cargo LCL

Singapore shuangqing special line
Precautions for Singapore double customs clearance special line
1, Singapore has the service of delivery upstairs and delivery downstairs. Service is different, charge is different, please know!
2, Singapore double customs clearance door-to-door price, excluding only Singapore import consumption tax ( GST 7 % ) other full package.
3, Singapore freight prepaid,
4, Singapore, can be reached by air for 5 days or so. Sea transportation has a fixed weekly shift for 10 days or so. Three times apart.
5, Guangzhou can provide on-site pick-up service, and goods from other provinces and cities suggest you to take domestic logistics freight.
Lower your transportation cost.
6. the consignor or consignee shall bear the costs of delay caused by incomplete, false and concealed customer documents and materials.
7. for the goods delivered to our company, please be sure to affix the shipping mark number I gave you on each one, so as to avoid confusion and loss of parts. .
8. if the customer is not convenient to pack, we can also pack it for you.
9. please call me when the goods have been delivered, so that our company can arrange the pick-up or receipt of goods.
Guangzhou dingye logistics co., ltd. is located in providing professional third-party comprehensive logistics services. our purpose is " convenient, fast, efficient and dedicated to provide high-quality services for domestic and foreign customers".