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Togo Lome double clear line

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Togo Lome double clear line

Guangzhou Ding Ye International Logistics Co., Ltd. set up a customs clearance logistics company in Africa in 2016. To provide China's exports of goods to Africa for export, maritime declaration, booking, destination port clearance services.
Liyuan logistics provides the following services:
1. China to Togo Lome shipping (LCL) special line door to door double clearance
Ding Ye international logistics specializes in Togo Lome shipping (LCL) shipping service for many years. The customs clearance company established in Togo is the largest Chinese customs clearance company in Togo. The first class cabinets speed, the first-class safe and efficient service, the first-class customs clearance speed in the port of destination, has created the most influential and most used jigsaw line in the whole west Africa area of the Togo Lome shipping box special line. You only need to deliver the goods to us at home. We will deliver the goods safely and efficiently to your designated warehouse in Lome. Clear off the customs, unload the cabinet one dragon service.
The carbox is loaded with a cube. Less than one cube is calculated by one cubic meter. You can pick up heavy goods.
The shipping period from Guangzhou to Lome is about 36 days.
Togo Lome many shipowners price choice, the main shipping cooperation companies include: CSCL, COSCO, OOCL, APL, MSC, NCL, NYK, ZIM, CMA, PIL, HPL, PIL
The price of domestic cabinets (LCL) will be consulted: 13710940259
4. the goods of West African countries (Togo, Benin, Garner, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cote d'Ivoire) goods customs clearance, warehousing and transportation to the surrounding countries. The agency price is transparent and safe and efficient. 10 years of experience.
Customs clearance price, please see the following table, specific goods, confirm the price, please consult.
Ding Yi International Africa Togo Lome line is transparent, saving operation cost for foreign trade enterprises. Specializes in undertaking African goods tracking list! Import and export services in Africa. Home delivery service is provided in China.