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International maritime transport

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Malaysia sea and air shuangqing line

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Malaysia  sea and air shuangqing line

Guangzhou fixed Industry International Logistics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen company is a comprehensive international freight forwarder. We have a perfect global transportation network, maintain good cooperative relations with all the big shipowners, provide favorable and reasonable price for customers, provide Guangzhou to Malaysia shipping line service, shipping cargo transportation. Service. Check the entire cabinet, all documents, commodity inspection, tax, customs declaration, through-train service!
Our company undertakes freight forwarding to China from Malaysia to China.
1, Malaysia special line, direct delivery to the door;
2, accept the small batch of goods LCL business, save freight for customers.
3, provide the destination port DDP, DDU services, let us serve your customers, timely provide customers with a copy of the B / L for customer confirmation.
4, to provide customers with information such as ship sailing, sailing and so on.
5, provide one-stop transport services, including packaging, loading and unloading, customs declaration, shipping and so on, economical, fast, safe and reliable.
6, arrange all the procedures for China's export, including receiving, loading, exporting, customs declaration, customs clearance and delivery.
7, you only need to provide goods list and send and receive information, one-stop service, super customs declaration ability, to ensure the clearance rate of your goods.
8. The consignment Party's contents are inconsistent or the irregularities are checked. Our company is not responsible.
9, provide free consultation. Ensure that the consignment is the goods permitted by the destination country.
10. The destination will be delivered within 1-2 days after the customs clearance. Please ensure that the consignee is free. If the consignee fails to receive the goods in a timely manner, please consult with us in advance.
Malaysia Shuang Qing logistics line - Malaysia air freight + Malaysia shipping + Malaysia Express
1 from China to Malaysia (Malaysia) double clear logistics freight experts from Shenzhen to Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur) double clear logistics freight Expert 1, Malaysia double clear logistics special products: high value electronic products, such as mobile phone, tablet computer, mobile power, train recorder, interphone, phonic headset and electricity The periphery of the child.
2, Malaysia double clear logistics line advantage service and prescription:
1) Malaysia air cargo double clear line: Hongkong air freight, limitation for shipment date 3 days.
2) Malaysia maritime double clear line: Guangzhou shipping, time limitation for shipment date 10 days.
3, Malaysia double clear logistics line advantage line: 1) Guangzhou receiving - Hongkong (air transportation) - Kuala Lumpur (customs clearance) - delivered to the door. 2) Shenzhen receiving - Guangzhou (shipping) - Kuala Lumpur (customs clearance) - delivered to the door. 4, Malaysia Shuang Qing logistics special line can reach the city: Kuala Lumpur, Johore, Kelantan, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Peng Heng, Penang, break, glass city, Selangor, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarah Yue. 5, Malaysia double clear logistics line security: customers can purchase insurance according to the actual value of the goods, if they lose or be detained, they can get full compensation.
Service Introduction
Each service is safe, fast and accurate delivery; truly for customers to achieve "door-to-door" quality services;
You only need a "telephone", we will meet your needs 100%.
Service tenet
Speed, flexibility, security services
management idea
The quality of survival, the development of services, the safety and accuracy of the service is life.
Enterprise spirit
International logistics, integrity and quality service
Strength inspiring
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