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Benin Cotonou double clear line

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Benin Cotonou double clear line

Guangzhou to Cotonou ocean shipping
The shipping period from Guangzhou to Cotonou takes about 29 days. The shipping companies that do Cotonou ocean shipping (cotnu sea) usually include CMA, COSCO, MSK, SAF, NDS and so on.
Guangzhou to Cotonou ocean shipping (Guangzhou to Kurt Nu sea) needs to handle electronic goods tracking list, whether it is to the port or the transfer port, all must have this certificate (this is the Benin International Law), otherwise, the goods to the destination port will not be able to smooth clearance. The international logistics of fixed industry also carries out this certificate.
Cotnu shipping is also translated as Cotonou maritime transport, a maritime gateway to Benin's maritime transport, and an import and export port of Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. Cotonou is the foreign port of the capital of Benin. It is also the heavy and foreign trade center of Benin's national economy. The main export goods are peanuts, brown oil and cotton. The import goods are mainly food, textiles and machinery equipment. In these respects, Guangzhou to Cotonou shipping is a multiparty assistance, spare no effort and service to the door. It is excellent in western Africa or Africa. Ding Ye international logistics is also gathering multiple information to make an important contribution to the local economic development. Cotonou seaborne port wharf has long coastline, five berths, crane, tugboat, shovel, and large oil pipe, which provide great convenience for foreign cargo ships such as Guangzhou to Cotonou ocean shipping, especially container unloading, crane start, fast landing, fast speed, safety and security. The quality of the certificate. Cotonou sea shipping is the leader of Benin ocean shipping. It is also an integral part of West African maritime transport. Its development and expansion have also led to the gradual maturity of Guangzhou to Cotonou by sea.
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