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Ghana shipping line

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Ghana shipping line

Garner shipping
Garner shipping is a relatively large volume of imports from West Africa. Tama is the main port of Garner and belongs to the basic port of transport in West Africa.
The shipping companies from Guangdong to Tama are: MSK, CMA, COSCO and so on, all direct sailing, sailing time is about 35 days. Ding Ye international logistics is more expensive than COSCO, because the price is cheap and the service is good. The destination port can apply for 21 days free of charge.
There are direct ships from Shenzhen and Nansha in Guangdong. In Whampoa, barges were required to go to the big ships in Shenzhen. So Shenzhen went to Garner or Guangzhou to Garner. The capital of Garner is Accra, an inland city. The entire cabinet and bulk cargo from Guangdong to Garner are transported to Tama, but not to Accra.
Guangdong is sent to Garner by air and will go to Accra. Garner shipping does not need electronic cargo tracking list, customers are easier in the customs clearance than other African shipping, but the electronic products are not good customs clearance, the consignee need to pay attention to it.
Garner Shuang Qing, Ding Ye international logistics has been doing. Garner seaborne, only at the port. Garner airlift double clear to Accra. Whether it's double clear shipping or air transportation, the international logistics can operate live products.